Recording Studio & Music Production
About Us

Recording studio and live rehearsal all in one, The Badger Set has an acoustically separated drum room, vocal booth and a live room which can be extended into the control room if desired.

Simultaneous 24 channel digital recording allows an entire band to be recorded at once.

At the heart of the Set is a Mackie d8b offering 72 channels running alongside Logic X.

A complete recording and mastering solution created by a musician who appreciates how important this process is to musicians!

The Badger Set offers musicians, artists and bands the opportunity to record, mix and master in a friendly and professional environment. Designed and built from the ground up by a musician with a passion for sound engineering, recording and production, The Badger Set provides the perfect environment to create your next demo, album or more.

Recording might appear daunting, particularly when you know in your head what you want to hear. At The Badger Set you won't feel pressured so you can relax and take the time to get it just right.

Want to record but don't have a full band? The Badger Set can help! With access to a wide range of professional musicians, those missing drums, vocals, guitars, keys, sax or more can be solved.

Located in Potterne in the heart of Wiltshire, The Badger Set provides the perfect solution for your next recording experience whether you are a solo artist, duo or full band.